Does Your Website Need Updating? These Five Questions Can Help You Decide.

Does your website need a redesign?

If you have a business website and you’re wondering if it’s time for a redesign, ask yourself the following five questions. The answers will help you know if it’s time for a change: Is the design outdated?Web design trends are constantly evolving, which means websites that were designed a few years ago are now looking […]

Are You A Mentor?

Provide mentoring to others

Have you had impactful mentors in your life? Perhaps you remember a sports coach, a teacher, or a boss who provided you the guidance you needed to get where you are today. If so, now’s the perfect time to pay it forward and provide mentoring to others! First, you need to find someone to mentor. […]

Maintain The Bridges Between Your Customers And Your Business

Bridges are amazing feats of engineering because they allow us to form connections. In order for bridges to operate properly they must be continually inspected. Signs of stress must be quickly addressed or bridges could fail, severing the connection they formed and causing massive damage. How are you maintaining the bridges between your customers and […]

Replace Your CTAs with CTIAs

Calls to Interaction

We’re asking you to stop using CTAs (Calls To Action) in your digital marketing, and start using CTIAs: Calls to InterAction.

Marketing Through A Child’s Eyes

Marketing Through A Child's Eyes

Life, and especially work, can get real busy real fast. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves on auto-pilot. But if we want our marketing efforts to be innovative, interesting, and effective, we cannot be on auto-pilot! To help us keep our focus, we can view our marketing efforts through a child’s eyes. […]

Marketing Is Like A Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

In today’s fast-paced, instant gratification society, we have grown accustomed to receiving things right away. If there are more than two people ahead of us at the self-checkout line we lose our minds! And if our online food order isn’t at our front door in 15 minutes, we get frustrated and wonder where the driver […]

“Paperback Writer” and Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing Campaign Tempo Advertising

One of my favorite Beatles songs is “Paperback Writer.” It’s about a man trying to sell his novel to book publishers. According to the song, the author feels the book could “make a million for (the publisher) overnight.” Now that’s confidence! However, the author gets off on the wrong foot when introducing himself to the […]